Mela Project

The MeLa organization structure intends to safeguard effective co-operation amongst the members of the Consortium, and to guarantee the production of high quality results throughout the Project.

The Project is managed by the Project Management Board. With the support of the Project Manager, the Board is responsible for the development of the Project and for the high-level technical coordination between the working groups. The Board is chaired by the Project Coordinator (PC).

The Project is organized in different Research Fields (RF) which are managed by the Research Field Leaders Board. The responsability for the quality of the work developed within each Research Field is assigned to the Research Field Leaders, and it is controlled by the Technical Manager who, with the support of the Production and Dissemination Committee, is also responsible for the overall quality of the Project.

MeLa* European Museums in an age of migrations is a four year long research project funded by the European Commission under the Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities Program (FP7th). MeLa* is an interdisciplinary programme which reflects on the new museums role with the aim to define new strategies for contemporary museums in a context characterized by a continuous migration of people and ideas.

MeLa* European Museums in an age of migrations is a four-year Research Project funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme, which aims to delineate new approaches for museums in relation with the conditions posed by the migrations of people, cultures, ideas, information and knowledge in the global world. It aims moreover to evaluate how much these changes can interfere with the organization, communication strategies physical structures and the architecture of the exhibition places. Its main objectives are to advance knowledge in the field and to support museum communities, practitioners, experts and policymakers in developing new missions and forms of museums “an age of migrations”.