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The MeLa* Project

The Research Project MeLa* - European Museums in an age of migrations is a four year multidisciplinary and collaborative Research Project involving nine European Partners, which has been funded in 2011 within the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission.

The activities of the project have been organised into different Research Fields, and ensued in a series of Events, including public seminars, conferences and exhibtions, as well as in a wide range of Publicactions, which are docuemnted in this website.

The MeLa project ended in February 2015.

MeLa* Books

The main outcomes of the MeLa* Project are illustrated in the MeLa* Book Series, an collection of open-access digital publications currently including 11 volumes.

Access the MeLa*Books series Access the MeLa*Books series

MeLa* Critical Archive

















The MeLa* Critical Archive is a digital platform aimed at cohering, conveying and sharing the main investigations developed within the MeLa Project through a critical post-reflection. It has not been conceived as a mere repository of the research outcomes, but rather as a multipurpose tool. As a communicative project, it aims at representing the complexity of the approaches developed by MeLa, and illustrating its findings as a unitary jet multifarious cultural proposal. As a research instrument, it has been implemented in order to enhance synergies among the different research activities and outcomes, fostering interdisciplinary cooperation and opening further perspectives. The design of the digital platform was developed to provide multiple possibilities in accessing its contents, which can be browsed through an index, or explored through the main interface. The latter exploits the metaphor of a sky map, and offers an unstructured navigation allowing the reconfiguration of contents. Due to its experimental nature, the Critical Archive is an in-progress tool which is supposed to continuously evolve along with the Project’s advancement.

Twelve Propositions for 21st Century Museums

The objectives of the MeLa Project focus on the investigation of the impact of contemporary migrations of people(s), objects, information and cultures on museums, and on the identification of innovative policies and practices enhancing the role of these institutions towards evolved political, social and cultural contexts.
The main outcome of the research is summarised in a Final Brochure, providing an overview on the critical suggestions proposed by the investigators involved, as well as from the observation of the good practices and achievements that some museum operators have been exploring and implementing in the last years. This overview is draught through twelve propositions, which come with a set of implications and recommendations; they are addressed to the scientific community, museum professionals, policy makers and the European Commission, in order to draw directions and clues for the enhancement of the role of museums in this “age of migrations”.

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